Friday, July 29, 2011

Life IS the distraction

One of the best perks to playing golf, besides the game itself, is the fact you get a few hours to block out the world and concentrate on one thing and one thing only. You tee it up, let it rip and move on to the next shot. With any luck you get some good shots in and start to feel good once more and remember what its like to smile and feel good again. With all the stuff that’s happening in the world it’s nice to be able to get a break from all the crap that’s going on. In today’s world we seem to have to multi-task just to keep up. I used to feel that I was really great at it, I mean as I write this blog, I am working, on the phone helping a person with their computer issue, writing this blog, listening to ITunes and streaming hulu! The thing is you never seem to get ahead just stay afloat. And you never give 100% to any one task its best 15 to 25%. You are bombarded with so much information and so many things each day it’s no wonder people stay sane at all!

Life has become so much more complicated today. Why and how did it come about? I have no idea but it does seem it has. Their will be some that say it always was complicated, others will agree with me that we have become a society of selfish self involved cry babies. We want everything now and we want it on our terms. Just in the last week I have had eight different what I would call big issues come up, nothing life threatening but big enough to cost money to fix or cause some sort of delay or run to the doctor. My life has turned into one big triage session. I am always trying to figure out some form of a list that can prioritize these issues by importance. I can’t imagine the energy that I have spent this week alone handling these pop up emergencies. And the sad thing is I’m not alone, my wife goes through the same things, heck my kids have it happen to them as well. Now granted the issues the kids have are just a tad simpler by comparison but to them they are just as real and just as much as an emergency as any of mine.

The funny thing is Life waits for no one. So as our busy lives snowball out of control with all the issues that come up, we do still need to take a breath slow down and pay attention to Life. It’s going on all around us, and it’s not ALL bad. I know it may seem to be as you watch the nightly news and see the doom and gloom right before your eyes. But really it is the simpler things that should make us happy and prove to us that we will be ok, that life does move on and we can either embrace it or hold on because it’s moving alone regardless.

I know there are times for all of us when we just get so overwhelmed that we don’t even know where to start to work on things. Just try to remember keep it simple. Just tee it up, let it rip and move on to the next shot. We can’t worry about he last shot just the next one. Live in the moment, looking to the future. We are headed there now so come on lets hitch a ride…

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Anonymous said...


Keep on breathing...I do agree that it is the "times" that has just about everyone feeling like they are "firefighters" in their own lives.

I have read several times over the last years different reports about "quality of life" throughout different nations/cultures. It seems that the majority (especially in the US) seem to have to work so hard to enjoy things that are suppose to make life "easier".

Take care of yourself, my friend