Thursday, March 27, 2008

That’s par for the course.

Why is it when something happens that’s predicted people always say “that’s par for the course”?

Now I don’t know about you but I have never shot a round of golf at par! And what is par and who comes up with par for each hole? I have stood on a par 5 hole that’s 525 yards and think how in the world do they expect me to get there and in the cup in 5 shots! Well I guess if I could keep it in the fairway on my drive that would be a good start wouldn’t it?
According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, par is a predetermined number of strokes that a golfer should require to complete a hole, a round (the sum of the total pars of the played holes, also called the course rating), or a tournament (the sum of the total pars of each round). Pars are the central component of stroke play, the most common kind of play in professional golf tournaments.
So if par is the predetermined number of strokes to reach a hole then how does this translate into life? I think it means average. And who wants to be average? Don’t you think it would make us all feel a lot better to make par 10 and then you get a score of 7 you think hey I am getting good at this game! Well that is not what we really need is it. If bar is set too low for us all then you have nothing to strive for do you? That’s a fundamental thing in all humans, to strive to better our selves. Some don’t show it as well as others but we do all have it within us. Don’t you think that most of what life is about is the journey itself? We all should attempt to make ourselves better in some form or another. For some it’s a better golf game for others its power or wealth. Regardless of what it is you want out of life you must work for it. Its how we move along that path to achieve those goals that’s the most important part of life. That’s how we learn by our mistakes its how we gain wisdom and knowledge. Please take this advise to hart and try to live by it each and every day. We only have so long on this earth; so as we endeavor to travel the path to our goals, keep trying new and different ideas. We will make mistakes and that’s ok. It’s important to make them and learn from them. After all that’s how we become the person you are.