Friday, July 6, 2007

From a Golf Bag to a Diaper Bag

For me the look from the first tee as sunrise comes up over the horizon exposing the due on a well-manicured fairway is a breathtaking view. Golf to me is not only a great game to play but it is also relaxing as it teaches us many life lessons. Now some may argue after playing a round with me that I’m anything but relaxed! The way I clinch up after a bad shot is comparable to what it must feel like to jump out of a perfectly good airplane for the first time and you realize you forgot your cute! Even with that said I really do feel more relaxed on the course than it would seem. Sure I get upset when my nasty banana slice sneaks in and robs me, like a mugger in central park at night, from a good shot. But that’s why this game is so fun to play. Even the best players in the world hit poor shots now and then.

When it comes to my golf bag I do my best to only have what I need in it and no more. With all the clubs that I carry, just incase I need them; the silly thing gets pretty heavy. With 15 clubs, a few sleeves of balls, tees, gloves and other needless stuff that goes onto a bag you can see how it adds up pretty quick. It cracks me up when I watch a caddy carry a pros bag around and see all the food and snacks they carry through their rounds. It came to me that they must not have a beer cart running around or make that fun but quick stop at the turn to grab a drink and a quick bite or snack. Speaking of which, what does a PGA pro do when he or she has to use the restroom during the round? Do they run behind a tree, or into an outhouse carefully placed alone the cart path in the most unlikely spots they can find? I have never thought of that till now but it must be tuff to play a round and never be able to hit the bathroom! That must explain why after the 18th hole they quickly tip their hats to the other players and caddies and head right to the scorers tent. There must be a restroom in there!

With the birth of my son I don’t get the opportunity to play golf as much as I would like. The time it takes to play a round on one of our public courses seem to take an eternity. Lets face it given the choice I would rather spend that time with him than waiting on some goof ball trying to play a round while giving lessons to all his buddies before he hits his shot. I guess it would be a different story if he played that well, but he wasn’t any better than the people he was trying to help! I guess that a classic sign of do as I say not as I do.

The other day my wife and I were getting ready to take a small trip to see some relatives and as we got ready I was given the task to get the diaper bag ready. Now I am pretty helpful husband so I agreed and proceeded to check out the bag and see what we have. Our Son is seven months now so his needs are growing about as fast as he is out growing his diapers! But what I found in that bag was nothing more than amazing! We had two more outfits, just in case he decides to spit up all over himself or has some type of accident, a blanket, several diapers, wipes, formula a bottle and several toys. And I know I missed several things too. We must be nuts to have all of this stuff packed for a trip that will only last a couple of hours. It’s incredible how much stuff you need to have to care for a child today. The bag is stuffed to point of blowing the zippers out almost as bad as I feel after a good Thanksgiving meal. As I got it all packed up and threw it up over my shoulder as I walked out the door to load the van, it came to me that this is as heavy as my golf bag and is a fourth the size! With less time playing golf and more time with the family it seems I carry the diaper bag a lot more than I carry my golf bag. And you know what that’s ok with me!

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